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Deprogramming the social omnilarp

Lawsuit filed pro se naming SD Secretary of State Monae Johnson

Kita kami

Be like Mim

"Who are you?"

Incomplete, Inaccurate, and Perjured voter registration forms

"The largest account in all of social media affirmed the position that we remove mail-in ballots and rigged election machines"

Why doesn't MN audit primary elections?



A Tale of Two Audits

Federal election crime? (Minnesota)

Freedom from Dominion in Rio Grande County, source Professor Clements

Julian Assange will finally be free

Election strategy 101

Ignorance and what WE can do

To the County Commission, June 19th 2024

Sudden Arrivals in St. Cloud and United States Citizens First

Rebuilding the family via spiritual alignment

HUGE NEWS in Minnehaha County


Royce White Live Town Hall - Wed 6:30pm Coon Rapids

Local church

An Open Letter to the State of Minnesota | Royce White for Senate 2024 | The People Are Coming!

Republican hypocrisy continues

7pm Rick Weible SD/MN update

7pm tonight Rick Weible on SD/MN elections

What in the World is Monae Johnson Doing?

Tomorrow: SD, ES&S, and Recap of Your Voice (with Royce)

SDSOS Orders Ballot Image Capture OFF!

Otter Tail Delegates & Major Party Status

3 Things President TRUMP Should Know (and Probably Already Does Know) About the Minnesota Republican Party

Wendy Phillips Closing Statement


Monday CD1 meeting to PREVENT removal of Wendy Phillips, a great patriot

TODAY - delegates to nominate Royce White

Did you know delegates like you aren't being let in?

3 Agenda Items We Want

Read Now - v2.0 of [S]elections

"trusted sources"

Mathematics trek: the next generation

All the Dirty Details: Pt 3

Demoralisation and remoralisation

OTC convention win & Supreme Court hearings tomorrow

Hearings, Apr 15-17, start Mon 9am, Room 210 of the Judicial Center

The case for a graceful awakening

All the Dirty Details: Pt 2

All the Dirty Details: Part 1

Otter Tail, Reform, Next Steps

We the People Want Our Elections Back

Daylight in South Dakota while MN attempts to silence key truth-teller

New voter registrations exceeding population growth in some states

The HAVV Meltdown: What it Is, What it Isn't, and What We Must Find Out

From Scratch? A System Beyond Reproach

How to vibe when facing state extortion?

7 updates

A covenant society, not a contract one

It really does have to be this (divine will) way

The Dam is Breaking..... and Serbia?

ESS is not secure

The healing beauty of the lawful workgroup

How to choose the best candidate

Petitions, harassment, hog-house, and the feds

A Successful Hand Count Demo Accomplished!


South Dakota Capitol to Host Hand Count

Fall River County Returns to Hand Counting

"Spiritual peace" demands naming their fraud

Voter Registration at Univ Colorado Boulder Residence Halls

Threats made by Meade County Auditor's Office

Migration to Project Minnesota

Migration to Project Minnesota


SB 48 - An Act to Provide Disclosure of a Cast Vote Record

9 election laws instead of multiple chapters

Coup Attempt in SD50 Ahead of Precinct Caucus

Two 1st amendment violations in South Dakota Legislature when facing accountability

Over before it started

2005 Voluntary Voting Systems Guidelines

Who is the authority

2024 is the final battle… to love yourself