Does Dakota County, Minnesota Precinct 4950's PER instill confidence?
Aligning America First candidates nationwide to fight for true and lasting election reform in response to bizarre primary election results in several…
Will any of them help to provide Cast Vote Records? (CVR) – I believe that one will
Chisago County Auditor Says Vendor Hart Upgraded Software in May 2022, Effectively Archiving the 2020 General Election and the Ability to Access Cast…
Distrust mounts in our modern electronic voting systems
[S]elections in Minnesota: Introduction - A Totalitarian FlavorListen now (43 min) | From China and the CCP to peeling back the layers of the United States election system in my home state of Minnesota
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Minnesota in 2022
County Commissioners can remove electronic voting equipment and epollbooks—ask them to pass a resolution so that your county may return to hand tallying…
Does THE LONG FUSE playbook describe the coverup phase of the election coup?
To make it appear votes occurred during election, when they may have been inserted post election
And why we can't use them anymore