Will be speaking in Minneapolis tomorrow, Saturday, between 2 and 5pm about alternatives to the machines and other topics
9am, May 19 – Streaming link: https://radio.securenetsystems.net/cwa/KLTF
The MNGOP should have provided audit reports on every round of voting to every delegate in real time to verify their own vote. Since they did not, the…
https://t.me/erikmn – Follow Live Updates from the MNGOP State Convention
1) Machines 2) Mules 3) Mass Mail-in — Remember: Those wishing to cover up the 2020 election coup only have perception, not Truth, on their side.
State Delegates, Please Sign and Send SOS Nomination form to erikvanmechelen@protonmail.com
MNGOP Rules Committee Announces PROPOSED Rule Changes to Nominations Process 7 Days Before Convention
Coverage from Sherburne County, May 3, 2022 – Hand counting counterfeit-proof paper ballots is the remedy to increase voter confidence in future of…
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