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Be the Change You Seek

There is greatness inside all of us

Project Apario Fights to Reveal the Truth of JFK's Assassination

How to Use Public Data Requests to Access Public Records for Better Decision Making (And to Help Government Where Current Processes Do Not Account for Fundamental Weaknesses in Overall Transparency)

If you are still in the game

[Live Podcast] MNGOP State Central Committee Recap Discussion

A Letter to the Editor of the Morrison County Record is Denied Publication while Paper Omits Key Details in its Own Writeup

[Follow-up] Illegal implementation of a new electronic voting system

12 Minutes on Accountability

Mike Lonergan Asks Erik van Mechelen to Leave

Those Who Don't Like Accountability...

8 Questions on Remote Control Hack of Dakota County Zoom Meeting Showing Adult Video to 150 Attendees

Edwin Hahn Endorsement for Deputy Chair of Minnesota Republican Party

Phillip Parrish Endorsement for Chair of the Minnesota Republican Party

Dakota County Distress Continues

2022 MN Absentee Data Absent

Pumpkin 🎃 or sideways Q shaped ovals marked by machine?

Water Always Flows Downhill

How to Expand Postelection Reviews

Hennepin County Certifies Election in Record Timing Without Discussing Minneapolis Ward 6 Precinct 8 Where a Tabulator Failed to Boot for 20-30 Minutes Prior to Polls Opening

MN midterm update

Entering the next phase

Why aren’t election judges trained to hand count when a hand count is the disaster backup plan? (On and before Nov 8, if something seems off, it probably is—document everything)

Why Not Write In?

Minneapolis, 18 days without a response

OmniBallot - Ballots Wherever and Whenever

Minnesota Bidoncino – Oct 28, 2022 (A weekly recap of Minnesota's election compost bin)

Did Caucus Fraud Lead to an Illegitimately Endorsed Candidate in Senate District 9?

Two Harbors

The MN Bidoncino - October 21, 2022

Her 39th Birthday

Will Hennepin County or Minneapolis Council Reconsider Konnech?

Alpha News MN Editor in Chief Continues to Fail Minnesotan Readers in Covering Up Konnech Story

Linwood Township Supports Releasing CVR for Nov 8 Election but Balks on Hand Counting

What do election judge signatures mean?

League of Women Voters Un-Invites MNGOP-feared Write-In Candidate for SD4, Edwin Hahn

Introduction to Midwest Seeds, the book

Event: Joe Oltmann, Standing in the Gap

Election Judges Don't Have Any Way of Verifying Vote Tallies in Current Minnesota Process

Cast Vote Record Cover Up in Minnesota: Part 4

Hide and Seek with Secretary of State Steve Simon and "Election Integrity" Republicans

Confrontation and Truth

The Ripple Effect of Powerful Truths Spoken at Key Moments

The 2020 Ballots Remain

Minnesota Nice in County Election Offices and Commissioner Meetings

Silenced But Not Ignored

Cast Vote Record Cover Up in Minnesota: Part 3

Film Review – Standing in the Gap

MPR Interview on Election Transparency

Cast Vote Record Cover Up in Minnesota: Part 2

Ballots to be shredded on Sept 3 2022

Have you been to your county commissioner board meeting yet? Do you want to learn basic principles for engaging in those meetings to remove the machines?

Cast Vote Record Cover Up in Minnesota - Part 1

Crow Wing Tries to Shut Down Further Election Transparency Action While Passing Resolution that Will Still Only Audit <1% of Vote Ovals

New Voting System?

Apology Given to Public by County Administrator After 1st Amendment Violated

County Interferes with Haven Township's Decision to Hand Tabulate the Aug 9, 2022 Primary Election

102 separate vote drops in Minnesota Primary

Learn How the U.S. Election System Was Subverted

Demand Election Transparency

As a statewide SOS candidate with more than 100,000 votes in the Aug 9 Minnesota primary, I'm calling on all 87 MN counties to immediately publish their cast vote records (CVR) BEFORE certification

Star Trib Omits Key Info Provided by Rick Weible

Man Assaulted By Rosemount Councilmember's Son After Serving Paperwork for Election Petition

Transparency NOW

1% or 100% ?

Election Truth Livestream Tonight, 7:30pm Central

Election Law Broken?

Post Election Reviews (PER) Are Designed to Protect Voters

Mark Finchem is the First to Pledge to Uphold Keshel's 10 Points of True Election Integrity

Conversations with Election Officials

Are Software Upgrades Preventing the People from Learning the Truth in Minnesota?

Supervisor Indicates that he Won't Certify if They Don't Get to Hand Count in August 9 Primary

[S]elections in Minnesota: Introduction - A Totalitarian Flavor

📊 [S]elections in Minnesota: How Machines Controlled 2020

RELEASE: Audiobook excerpt

The Machines Must Go

DATA CLEANUP Phase Immediately Following the November 3 2020 Election

Change Date/Time on Tapes

A Brief History of Machines

A future where every voter’s vote is counted and 100% auditable immediately

Elected Officials in Crow Wing Seem Unimpressed by 2000 Mules

Election Performance Improvement Plan

Free People of America

The Truth About Minnesota Elections

Electronic Voting Devices Used at MNGOP State Convention

Live Updates from Rochester

Why Did You Enter the Race So Late?

A Chance To Speak

Proposed Rule 29 to Prevent New SOS Candidate from Speaking and Being Endorsed?

Trusting the voting machines is like trusting medication without reading the warning label

A Future Voting Process Where the End Results are Provable as Per the Votes Cast Which Represent the Will of the People


Should Minnesota's 2020 Election Have Been Certified?

Only 6 out of 87 Counties in Minnesota Have Election Machines that are Certified by the EAC

Open Forum Speakers Address Removing Dominion Machines at County Commissioners Meeting in Sherburne

What do MNGOP Endorsements Actually Mean?

EAC and End of Life for Dominion Software in Dakota County, Minnesota

The CD5 Show

Which Attorney General Candidate Understands the Election Ecosystem the Best?

No Senate Honorees in LEA's 2021 Report on the Minnesota Legislature

A reading of Mesa County Colorado Voting Systems Report #3, Election Database and Data Process Analysis

Judge Sarah Grewing – Should She Have Recused Herself from the Consent Decree Cases in 2020?

Why CVR reports are important

A disservice to the public?

11 states of door to door canvassing, Minnesota canvassing ongoing

Data on Elections—Everyone Should Have Access to this Data to Decide for Themselves

Did Tim Walz Even Win in 2018?

What Questions Do You Have About Minnesota Elections?

Hazy IPA Prices in the Fog of War

How counties in Minnesota can remove voting machines and return to paper ballots before the midterm elections

On the Road to Accountability in the Minnesota Republican Party

Decades of Election Fraud

Yes or No? on HF2900 - Frontline Workers Pay Bill Must Have Stop Vaccine Mandate Amendment from Erik Mortensen

Very Few Republicans Seem to Care About Election Fraud in the MN GOP Precinct Caucuses

Make Some Noise To Support the Convoys

Actual Attendee Numbers vs. Reported Straw Poll Votes Reveals Major Gap in MN GOP Process

Mercy Hospital Ignores Effective Treatments, Hires Fredrikson and Byron at Midnight to Argue Restraining Order in Scott Quiner Case with Intent to Remove Ventilator Imminent

As Coronavirus Narrative Collapses Minnesota Mayors Apparently Disregard the Latest Data and Reports and Announce Proof of Vaccine to Eat at Restaurants

Steve Simon Fears Disinformation Taking Root as Crow Wing County Commissioners Pass Resolution Seeking His Support for a Forensic Audit of the November 3rd, 2020 General Election