Sitemap - 2023 - Midwest Seeds

First they are laughin', then they start askin'! (2023 Year in Review)

Salary Increase Exclusion for Newly Elected Auditor Considered in Minnehaha County, South Dakota

Minnehaha Co Commissioner Persecutes Auditor

Rosemount City Council Meeting 21st December

Met a lawyer

Georgia on my mind...

Let My People Go!


Cross Lake City Council Passes Resolution 4-1 that the Crosslake City Clerk Intends to Administer Absentee Voting

Republicans of Clay County Move to Add Claims Against the Republican Party of Minnesota for Theft, Conspiracy, and Defamation

To defend and protect our constitution

Minnehaha Auditor Meets with ES&S Again


Criminal Referral of Yaacov APELBAUM

The Midnight Rider Rides Again by Derek Johnson

Minnesota's deep state

Subterranean warfare

The Truth about George Floyd, ANTIFA, CAIR and Keith Ellison's Minnesota

First American Hostage Released is Related to Buyer of Hunter Biden’s "Art"

Counting Votes by Weight: Naysayer Responses

Peace need not be impractical and war need not be inevitable

Establishing trust in our elections by Rick Weible & Susan Shogren-Smith

Two hand count sessions Thursday Nov 9

Donation update

Learn to Hand Count Tomorrow in Coon Rapids (and Nov 9 in Linwood Township)

In from the garden

Ask and keep on asking and it will be given to you; seek and keep on seeking and you will find; knock and keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you

Day Seventeen of protests in Guatemala

Speaking up

Decisions for your Soul

Rebuild the MNGOP today

Bush Era Over in TX

Presidential Primary in Minnesota

A Major Party with Major (Fixable) Problems

Payments Paused - Update Tomorrow

Brookings County, SD and Anoka County, MN Citizens show the power of truthful speech

Not the first 9/11

Bait & Switch in Politics

Draft of "Hand Counts in America"

One option is not a choice

Attempt to keep Trump off the Ballot in Minnesota?

1 conversation proves 3 years of lies

Trial on Patriots' Day in Dakota County

If you were a commissioner

Too many laws?

Move, and keep moving

Learn How to Submit Data Requests

Heating up


Rich Men North of Richmond

Want specific election updates from your county?

This week in MN

No records of Ilhan Omar's father's naturalization means Ilhan could not have naturalized through her father and would make make her ineligible for a Minnesota Congress seat

The $17,500,000,000.00 surplus should be returned to the people

Posting a lot less - 50 miles next weekend - peace thru honest elections - August 'plan reveal' event

Chapter 2 - Why Cast Vote Record Ballot Images Matter

Chapter 1

How Mandates Can Unify Americans

Hand Counting Stories from Decades Past

The MuseInks Interview with Book Coach Erik van Mechelen

MN counties now FORCED to use electronic voting equipment in state elections

Donate now to help everyone learn to hand count

Elkton's city council appoints "election denier," Rick Weible

Learn how to hand count tomorrow

Not only peace in our time, but peace for all time

What's your story?

Minnesota Elections are a facade

How to separate wheat from chaff by asking for Cast Vote Records (in 9 minutes!)

Get CVRs before it's too late

Ballot Images (CVRs) now prohibited in Minnesota

Trial on Sept 11, 2023

GF Autonomous Zone

Midwest Seeds Weekly Recap, May 12, 2023

Commissioner's questions about election fraud in [county]

Where to speak about restoring trust

Rick Weible reboots password-protected computer in Brookings, South Dakota during commissioner meeting

Recording: David Clements, The Greater Magistrates tour in Minnesota

What Happens in America When Truth Tellers Speak

Hand Counts Cost Less and are More Accurate

We are not promised tomorrow

Evidence and a Prescription for Local Advocacy

Mid April 2023 Minnesota Elections Update

The Greater Magistrates Tour comes to Minnesota

Are you truly informed about elections in Minnesota?

Rick Weible - Monticello, MN Community Center - April 11th, 7pm-9pm

Integrity despite the odds, despite the cost

How to use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to Flip Votes in a Dominion Election Management System WITHOUT leaving a trace

Yes, there are alternatives to state- and corporate-controlled elections

Why did Minneapolis remove its statement on Konnech's PollChief?

Morrison County Patriots Work Together to Collect Thousands of Signatures to Rescind Unpopular Commissioner Decision

10 speeches in 2 weeks on elections in Anoka County (and more to come)

MN Secretary of State Steve Simon says Minnesota is NOT ready for Ranked Choice Voting statewide

Petition to Reverse Resolution to Appoint Auditor-Treasurer in Morrison County Gains Momentum

Mapping the Landscape

Fraud leads to more fraud

Stearns County Has Disposed Ballots from the 2020 Election

How to Watch Ranked Choice Testimony Livestreamed Online at 3pm

Ranked Choice Voting Locks in Electronic Tabulators

New J6 Video Footage Released

Sunday Weekly Recap - March 5, 2023

A Live Audit of a Hand Count Changes the Results of the SD50 Elections

Why Won't They Let The Delegates Sit?

Who is the Responsible Authority?

Residents of Anoka County use new public comment segment to share research and recommendations with their commissioners

2023 is the Year We Prioritize Integrity

A new book and a writing coaching service

The largest investigation in thousands of years

How to Open the Door to Dialogue

Do you have a story to tell?

A Long Trail Run to Love the Enemy in My Own Heart