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Erik. Thanks for this. Would love to connect.

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Great analysis. I was there with you, and also found it valuable to witness things first hand, and meet a few candidates face to face. I was one of the 4 who voted for Shukri, and it was because of her emotional story about the issue that is most important to me which was about her meeting with hospital staff pushing vaccination on her child.

I was impressed by Royce’s speech, and I would have voted for him in the second round, but I had to leave at 12:45, so I wasn’t there for it. I hope Royce might take you up on your interview request. I doubt Davis would. I hope to see you at the state convention.

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Drew, thank you for your reply. It was good to meet you as well and see how seriously you took the role of delegate. Shukri's story about fending off pressure to vaccinate her 5-year-old son moved me as well. Enjoyed our brief interaction and look forward to the next one. I'm planning to be at the state convention.

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