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The longer someone denies something when a simple solution is available, the more suspicious he becomes.

The tension for much of this dissipates once voters for Biden and Trump, Lewis and Smith, and so on down to dogcatcher agree to disagree on whether or not they think they will find fraud once investigations are carried out, and agree to agree that they should greenlight them to find out.

For similar reasons, it is welcome news by most that long-awaited JFK assassination files were released first by Trump and then by Biden, so that every American citizen may access records ranging from the Nosenko documents to the Warren Commission, spanning several decades from the 1950s to the 1970s. Very few people I've met are upset that more than 25 years after Congress in 1992 okayed their release that we might have the chance to understand not only the scene of the crime but also the global chatter related to Oswald, Kennedy, and other key figures.

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