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Congrats on the news of the coming birth of your son!!

Love your thinking, and your son will have a wonderful education just hanging out with you.

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I am really impressed by your writing about your life in China. My ancestors came to the US from

Poland and Russia for freedom. That's the way I

Grew up.

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Absolutely true. But AmericOns DONT GET IT!

Apples especially to all lame PROFESSORS. Psychology, sociology anthropology and other pseudo-sciences. Where real-life ZEROES (Biden-type) have an unprecedented opportunity to rise and shine.

By brainwashing sheeple unwilling/ unable to distinguish between sh*t and brownies...

Periods of extensive prosperity and safety desensitize people to the extend they put their guards down. Perfect analogy is that of open border. Perfect breeding ground for progressives. You know, all these pathetic clowns who KNOW stuff, because they SAW IT on CNN...

ONLY FOOLS with no appreciation of their own culture and history will settle for globalists' pushed bs of equality and inclusion. Two concepts that passed with flying colors - in CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

Sadly, looks like average sheeple are just to STUPID to use their brains...

If you doubt it, just look at the fallout of Plandemic propaganda. Virus that was NEVER distinctly identified. Statistically, 70% of humanity fell for lies. Maybe because Biden Himself said vax was "SAFE and EFFECTIVE"? Quite a revelation.

But it shows you how many people worldwide are, essentially, BRAIDEAD. And, judging by multiple outcome forecasters , all of them will be DEAD in next few years.

How about that??? VOLUNTARY SUICIDE...? Purge of the braindead...?

But, looking from the bright side: up to 70% people less is not necessarily a bad thing.

Especially, because so many of them foolishly fell for globalist lies.

They opted-in, so to speak...

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